How to Track Cell Phones With Google Android Device Manager?

Have you Cell Phone lost or stolen? Don’t have to worry much now you can Track Cell Phones with Google, Google will help you to track your device. The global positioning receivers allow your device to use various methods to track your device which is present in your Cell Phone. If you were using Android phone Google will allow you to pinpoint your Cell Phone with Android Device Manager Tool.  Even if you want you can share your location information using Google Hangouts. All you need to do is to download any one of these apps from Google Play Store Google Now also helps you to share your commute information.

There may be a various reason why people wanted to know how to trace a mobile phone location. Some people may want to keep a close watch on their children or spouse. Some people may want to travel with friends and make sure that no one gets separated. And most importantly some are just looking to find a lost device.

Whatever reason it may be to trace your Cell Phone, nowadays there are many ways to do so. Android and iPhone come with built-in tracking software and applications. We have listed few ways to track Cell Phones With Google to take advantages of location tracking services just you need to enable location services.

How to Track Cell Phones With Android Device Manager?


If your Cell Phone gets lost or stolen, you can use Android Device Manager to find or track your Cell Phone. The online application will locate your Cell Phone and will bring it to alert you to its location. You can also remotely wipe your device if it has been stolen and you don’t think you can get it back.

It is so easy to trace the location of your Cell Phone, Just you need to turn on the location services of your Cell Phone. Visit Google’s Android Device Manager and Find My Device page to get the location of your phone. You need to log into your Google Account and active your service permission to find your location.

After doing so you will notice GPS-Location of your phone will be identified by a small green icon on Google Map.

Check Some of the Features Like:

  • Play a Sound

Even if the sound is set to silent, this feature will ring your phone for five minutes if the Cell Phone is nearby you, you should hear it.

  • Lock

If your Cell Phone will get lost, make sure that it is locked so that no one can see your information.

  • Erase

If you’ve lost all hope of finding your phone and want to ensure your sensitive information on the phone isn’t discovered, you can remotely erase everything.

Trace a Cell Phone Location with Google Hangouts location Sharing:

Google hangout is an app designed for individual usage. Google hangouts is a unified messaging application, Hangout has built-in location sharing which helps in many ways just like if you want your friends to know your location you don’t have to type your address or figure out the cross streets, just tap the location pin next to the emotional icon in the text entry box to share your location with whoever is in the hangout at that time .Google Hangout also helps Business owners and entrepreneurs can interact with their co-worker’s customers via HD video, voice or text. They can also save expenses and time on travel with Hangout’s face-to-face functionality for online meetings and conferences.

Google Hangouts Features:

  • Hangout on air.
  • Built-in screen sharing.
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice calls.
  • HD video calls.
  • HD Group Conference up to 15 people.
  • Compatibility with multiple computing devices
  • Custom Control for Admins.


Trace a Cell Phone Location with Google App:

Google has cooked up a new way to find a Lost Cell Phone. So now instead of searching everywhere to track down, you can rely on Google for help. This Google feature will help you to find your Cell Phone using Google Search Engine on your Personal Computer or laptop as long as you meet the criteria. Your Cell Phone should have Google App installed. Then you need to enabled Web & App activity enable. Turn on your Google Now notification and set the location reporting to “High accuracy” mode.

Steps to Follow For Track Cell Phones:

First of all open a Google Account from your Personal computer or laptop and you to set up your phone.

After that type “find my phone” on your PC, The Browser in response will display you a map that attempts to zero on your location of your device.

After few seconds you eventually will see a location on the map that accurate enough to give you a sense of where you left the phone. Apple also has the same feature to track your Cell Phone which is named as “Find my iPhone”.

While for iPhone you need to have an account on iCloud, almost similar as for Android device.

Trace a Cell Phone Location Using Location History:

Android keep track on your location if you turn on location history. That’s the creepiest way in which Android keep track on what you’re doing or elsewhere you have been. Just it will start working if only you keep on “Location History”. Android Cell Phone Keep tabs on your location of the various device. You can also Pull up a map showing where your Cell Phone been on any day.

Your Location History helps Google to track cell phones with the help of Google Now App. It is more prescient when it comes to letting you know how long your commute is going to be. It also helps to know which restaurants or park or mall or hospitals etc is nearby you. If you need to remove any of its histories go to the Google setting  App and tap Google Location History and even you can delete Location history. But keep set on your location history it will help to find your phone location easily if lost or stolen.

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