Make Google my homepage in Internet Explorer

Make Google Your Homepage With Internet Explorer

If you use the internet explorer browser, then you will probably want to set Google as your homepage.Internet explorer is good, the only downfall is that it does not have support of Google any more and as a result i have found it to be quiet buggy at times and full of unnecessary plugins and ad-dons which detract from the goal of a search engine. Nonetheless if you use Internet Explorer, than follow along with the instructions.

How to Make Google My Homepage in Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and  Microsoft Edge?

Despite being a very good search engine yet, Google is not set as default homepage in may of the popular browsers which are used commonly by all people. This is the reason people are not able to get the preferred result of their problem. The best way to get rid of this major problem is to make google my homepage and enjoy surfing the internet.

Are you getting tired of turning your browser away from whatever your homepage is to visit the Google homepage? Would you like to automatically open Google’s homepage every time you used your browser?

There are many ways to make google homepage depending on the browser we are using. Here in this guide, I have tried to help you in the way how I am able to Make Google my homepage in almost all the popular browsers that are used in real-time.

Make Google my homepage in Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Tools menu in your browser.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Click the General tab.
  • In the “Home” section, enter / / in the text box.
  • Click OK.

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