Make Google my homepage in Google Chrome

The World of Internet is increasing rapidly and it has changed the entire world by many important discoveries and helping humans in many ways in the technology race. But there are still many people who are not able to get Perfect Knowledge due to the fact that there are many search engines which don’t have a good Database of Perfect and Updated Knowledge as Google.  Many Browsers don’t even set Google as the homepage. Here in this post, I will tell you how I found the best way to make Google my homepage in any browser and got the access to the Database of more than 5 million pages which are regularly updated.


How to Make Google My Homepage in Chrome

Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browsers across the world as it gives the best results and is very fast and handy to use browsers till now. Google Chrome is available for almost all devices like Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

So here in this guide, I will tell how I  make Google my Homepage in my Chrome browser. Read the Guide carefully and follow all the steps so that you can make Google as your Homepage in your browser.

  • Click the More button, a.k.a. the three dots you can find at the upper right of the screen. Then select Settings.


  • Scroll until you find the Appearance. Here, look for an option that says Show Home button. Make sure that this is checked. It should automatically bring up the address, but if it doesn’t you can click Change and type it in.

You can also sign into Chrome and sync your settings to make sure the change is fully applied to all devices and Google is set as the homepage for all your devices.

Note: This option may not work if you are using Chrome on a tablet or phone, where settings options are a little more limited.

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