Make Google My Homepage in Chrome Browser on Windows and Mac

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser which gives a fast and accurate result and makes your searching easy. This web browser is gaining a good publicity throughout many years, and people’s appreciate its service. You will feel good to know that maximum countries use Google Chrome because of its fast and flexible communication platforms. Get simple steps to How to Make Google My Homepage in Chrome Browser below.

As Google Chrome can be used in multiple devices like Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows Operating system, It is highly preferred by peoples. However, In this post, I will tell you the procedures as for how to Make Google My Homepage in Chrome? So, please keep reading to know about the steps involved in doing so in any of your devices.

How Do I Make Google My Homepage in Chrome Browser?


There are many services that Google Chrome provides to its users in performing their task easily. The task manager in Google Chrome opens while you press Shift+Escape and you will find many websites listed in the task bar. The page shows how much memory is being consumed by each website in the taskbar. So, you can easily manage to work with this flexible task bar of Google Chrome.

You can always see the browsing history by just typing Ctrl+H. However, you can search the term by typing in the history search bar. After finding the relevant result of the search, Google Chrome will show small thumbnail on the history result without the requirement of any extension.

Chrome makes it easier for you to search the site with the site search option. What happens is that Chrome automatically recognizes your search and next time you can easily search with the Chrome address bar. In Google Chrome you can reopen the Website tabs that you mistakenly closed by pressing Ctrl + T, and you can also launch those sites from Start Menu.

Within the Google Chrome, you can open a new tab and see the lists of the browser that are occupying maximum memory of your device. You can do many more things with Google Chrome such as searching some the identity of an unknown person by posting the photo in the image which you will find in the search bar itself.

Some of the Good Quality of Google Chrome:

The best features of Google Chrome are mention below:

  • The Chrome works very fast, and it is quick in opening pages, loads web and also runs some web application with very amazing speed.
  • The Google Chrome is designed in a secure way so that your web browsing gets protection from different malware and also features auto-updates.
  • You no longer need to worry about the privacy because Chrome protects all your private searching as well.
  • You can easily customize your Chrome by going to its Settings and add an extension and also change the themes of the Google Chrome.
  • It is easy to use and browse as well, and you can navigate the web easily.

Know How to Make Google My Homepage in Chrome?

Well, you can Make Google your Homepage easily by customizing by going to your Chrome Settings. Customize Google Chrome and open a startup page and set both the pages. Now, know that the start page is the one that you find when you first get the browser in your device, and the homepage refers to the page, which appears when you click home.

You can choose your home page by the following steps:

  • First of all open Chrome on your computer.
  • Now, at the top right corner of the page, you will find the More option.
  • You will find a Settings option, just tap it.
  • Appearance option will appear and within it “Show Home button” will appear.
  • You can now click Change and set Google as your Homepage.

You can also set your Startup page by going to the following options available in the Settings:

  • Have a new tab open
  • Continue where you left off
  • Open a particular set of pages


Thus, I hope that after reading this post you will be able to make Google Your Homepage in Chrome on yourself. So, can follow some of the guidelines mentioned above to do the task easily without the help of any third party.

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