How to Make Google My Homepage in Android, iOS & Windows Devices?

It is the ubiquitous computing which has become the need of the time and there is something that you need to know besides browsing the web. Why not change your browser a bit and give it a more customized look? Well, this guide talks about all these things in a crispy way through the steps that you can apply without having much technical peek. Learn How to Make Google My Homepage in Android, iOS & Windows Phone below?

We have covered up every mobile OS platform and talked about making Google My Homepage on each of these operating systems, so have a look below to be a smart Geek!

How to Make Google My Homepage in Android, iOS & Windows Devices?


Most of us do it in an android way and it is chrome which is used widely most of us though there are many other browsers also that provide great browsing experience. But when talking specifically about chrome, you cannot set your homepage as it simply shows you suggested pages based upon the way you are browsing.

Make Google My Homepage in Android can be possible though when you are an android browser, steps for which are as follows:

  • Open the web browser on your phone
  • From Menu -> Settings
  • Through the General Section of settings -> Click set homepage

The last step shows you many options such as current page, blank page, default page, most visited pages and custom page and these pages can be set as per your likings and inclination.

How About Your iOS Device?

While talking about the iOS device, it is considered to be the mother of all OS owing to its super secure features. If you wish to change the look of your web browser on iOS then this guide is for you.

Make Google My Homepage in iOS by following the steps below which are far much easier than you think:

  • Safari > Preferences
  • Click General
  • Homepage field -> Enter the web page address
  • Click New windows open with -> Homepage

The above process sets up your homepage on the device that you really love.


Windows Phone – Making It Look Like the Way You Want!

It is the Microsoft Edge that you would be using on your windows phone and changing the home page may also come to be something that helps you customize the browser page on start up. You can Make Google My Homepage in windows phone by following the steps below:

  • Select More -> Settings -> View advanced settings
  • Turn on Show the home button -> specific page and type the URL of the page you want to show up during the browser start up
  • Select save

The above procedure sets your favorite page as your homepage for your browser. Every time you reach up to open your web browser, customized page shows up making your browsing experience better and up to the mark. Many mobile users are going for the above procedures to change the look of their browser to give it a more customized feel and you too need not be left behind.

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