Make Bing My Homepage – Make Bing My Default Search Engine

Bing can also be termed as Bing search, it is a search engine which replaced previous search engines of Microsoft named live search, MSN search and Windows live search. Bing is own creation of Microsoft operated by itself (Microsoft). Various search services are provided by Bing like map search products, web, video and image.ASP.NET are used to develop Bing.

It can be operated in forty languages. Information can be turned into action using Bing. From search to do is now faster and easier. As per the user’s search query, accurate results are displayed. Extensive results about restaurants nearby can be accessed through Bing.

Bing is still used by people in the UK and US. Bing is still having quite a focused audience. Bing is having significantly better quality videos search as compared to Google. Yahoo is powered by Bing in this way Bing owns 30% of the remaining search volume. Bing makes Home page differently beautiful, national geographic photos every day makes the page inspiring, user can get enhanced and unique results of their searches.Here we will share some easy steps on how to make Bing your default search engine.

Make Bing My Homepage – Make Bing My Default Search Engine

Make Bing My Homepage

If a user is ready to have a trial of Bing a full switchover should be made for at least a week.


Make Bing as your default browser or homepage in just a minute it is easy and simple. If you are using internet explorer it is easy to shift towards a different search engine. Due to having a feature of add-ons and support job of shifting is modest just follow these below-given instructions:

  1. Open the Internet explorer.
  2. In the top right corner of internet explorer, a search box will appear and then just click on the down arrow.
  3. Click on Find More Providers.
  4. Click on Bing.
  5. Have a check on the box next to “Make this my default search provider”.
  6. Click on Manage search providers.
  7. Click on Add.

Now have a check on that you have not just added Bing you have to make it your default search engine. If it is added without making it default then you have to make an edit and correct it. Find the search box of Internet Explorer click on the drop-down arrow then click on manage search providers now a list of various options will appear and you have to locate the Bing option then right-click on it and set it as your default search engine.

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Apple safari:

Apple safari is Google search engine tired browser. For changing the default search engine apple browser to Bing all you have to do is start off with changing of search providers afterwards you have to this by the means of glims plugin installation. After installing this you need to follow the below given steps:

  • Open the safari preferences options
  • Look below the films tab
  • Click on the tab reading search engines
  • Locate the ADD button
  • Click on ADD button will enable to add a new search engine
  • A pop up box will open up

Now you have to fill in some information as per the requests displayed on the screen:

  • Request for Name
  • Request for Type
  • Request for URL

Answers have to be filled in the space given alongside the request. For changing the default search engine and switching to Bing your answer should be:

  • Bing
  • Search Engine


After completing the above steps click on the button reading “set” and close the window

  • At this last stage locate the browser window search box. 

Now you had set Bing as your default search engine.

Opera for Mobile and for PC:

By default opera uses google as it’s search engine. If you are using an opera web browser and wish to change the search engine here are some steps that may help you:

Opera to Bing-Change the default search engine :

It’s easy to change the default search engine in opera just follow these simple instructions

  • Open opera , in the top left corner click the button reading I this button is called customize and control opera.
  • A menu must be displayed on the screen select Settings.
  • On the left click on the Basic shown in the Settings tab.
  • Locate the search engine section by scrolling down.
  • With the available search engines click on the drop down list click on that which you want to use.
  • You are done after selecting and then close the setting tab.

Opera will now use the search engine that you had selected. while using address bar it will no longer use google as default search engine.

Return to Homepage:

This page is a detailed page link. It provides detailed and substantial data regarding directions , reviews and even it have a bird eye on every information that may be needed by the user. It is tool for getting handy information.

For example: when you enter a hotel name and city Bing provides all the information of it together with maps.

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