How Do I Get News on My Google Homepage in Chrome, Safari & Mozilla?

Make Google My Home Page:  Google is one of the very well known search engine worldwide. Another cool product by Google is Google Chrome which is popular browser in the world. Millions of people on daily basis search for their favorite topics or keywords on this popular search engine. In this article, today we are going to talk about how to get news on your Google Homepage. So that you will be able to get updates from Google chrome homepage directly.

Before getting news on Google homepage, first you need to know about Google chrome and its awesome features. If you want to find out how do i get news on my google homepage in chrome and mozilla firefox, then keep reading this guide.Check steps on how do I Get News on My Google Homepage in Chrome, Safari & Mozilla? below.

Google Chrome is most popular and free web browser which is not only simple but comes with user friendly interface. It has faster speed and better security features which are built for modern web to protect online users. If you don’t have Google chrome installed on your device, then you download for exploring its awesome features.

Features of Google Chrome Web Browser – Everything you Need to know

The amazing and interesting features of Google chrome web browser are given below. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Speed

Chrome is designed in such a way that it loads webpages faster and makes web applications run quickly. Within two clicks, this browser launches within few seconds. In terms of Search and navigating, Chrome browser is fast.

  • Simplicity

Google Chrome Web Browser or window is clean and simple. You can easily navigate and search for your favorite stuff online. Built-in Pdf viewer allows users to read online documents easily. So due to user friendly interface, it is easier for users to manage tabs efficiently.

  • Privacy

This browser offers better privacy to protect users private information which he/she is sharing online.

  • Security

Not only it helps in keeping web secure but also protects users from phishing and malware. This browser is updated automatically to have all latest security fixes.

  • Signing in

One of the most important feature of Google chrome is signing in. It brings settings, bookmarks and history to you. Once you are signed into your account, you will get automatically signed with all other Google services.

  • Customization

Tons of methods are available that lets users to customize the chrome browser. You can change settings according to your desire, add extensions, apps, themes etc.

  • Extensions

More than 20000 extensions are available in extension gallery. Chrome extensions can really make user’s work easier. So go to Google web store and find your favorite extensions.

How Do I Get News on My Google Homepage?

It is simple and easier to get google news on google homepage. If you don’t know how to get news on your google homepage, follow the steps shared below:

  • Open Google chrome and go to chrome settings.


  • Next you will find several options in chrome settings, head over to on startup option and there you can select a specific page or set of pages.


  • After entering your desired news websites, click on Ok button.


  • That’s it you are done. Now you can get the news on your Google homepage directly.

So this is complete guide about how to get the news on your Google Homepage easily by following these simple steps. From homepage, you can keep updated with latest news. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on your computer and install chrome extension to get news from Google Homepage. If you have any query regard this guide, post in the comments.

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