Google Homepage Themes | How to Customize the Homepage?

How about customizing the home page of Google? Sounds interesting, aren’t it? So let us check out what these themes are and how can you change them each time you are bored with the old themes. Check Google Homepage Themes below.

Homepage themes from Google look good and are curated for those who like to be creative and want their desktop to look stylish. Setting the homepage for Google is easy by selecting a background and setting the homepage as per your liking. You can also To get the desired Google homepage themes, this is the best way out. custom browse the skins that help you personalize the browser you are using.

Types of Google Homepage Themes You Can pick From:


We give you an overview here about the type of the themes you can find from Google: Classic

  • Tea House
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Seasonal Scape
  • City Scape
  • Bus Stop
  • Beach

The above are the most sought after themes of the web browser which are increasingly downloaded by the users.

Google Homepage Themes can also be removed by following this sequence Select Settings -> Appearance -> click Reset. From here you can set your default theme or change it to better one.

You can also add a chrome theme, previewing different themes in thumbnails and adding the one which you like the most. As you see, downloading the themes is just a matter of click and there is nothing complicated in that. You can easily customize your web browser in the best of ways and you may search more to get the apt one.

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