Google Home Review – You Need to Know More Tips and Tricks

Google Home is the device among the others and you can discover many things if you use regularly. There are hundreds of tips and tricks for Google Home, but you will get here some of the best and very awesome tips and tricks for Google Home. Most Google Home device users are unaware about those tips and tricks that you should know. Check Google Home Review Below.

Google Home Review – With More Tips and Tricks:


You must try out these tips and tricks which are given below. It’s really amazing and unique things that you should know personally so that you can do funny and awesome things on the Google Home device.

1.Google Home – Rename:

You can rename Google Home via Android or iOS devices. To do so you need to Go to the Google Home device. Then, tap on the “Devices” and you will get “Menu”, just tap to open it. After that select the “Settings” button below the Device Info. Now, you must tap on the “Name” and type a unique name for you.

You can rename Google Home device in whatever name you want to. But ensure that all the names are easy to remember based on location as you add more names so that you can play by remembering the location’s name of your home.

2. Home – Play on Chromecast:

To play your favorite content in an easier way, You need to do the same thing as you did earlier to rename Google Home device. For example, let’s try with the name “TV”. Now, you can play YouTube videos on your TV directly. All you need is to speak out as “OK, Google, Play Avengers Movie on my TV”. You can try out this trick.

3. Google Home – Guest Mode:

Guest Mode allows your family members and friends to use Google Home device without connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

It is very easy to do trick, you must enable the Guest Mode button. Go to the Google Home Device, select “Home App” and click on the “Device”. After that, you will get “Menu” option, and then Enable the “Guest Mode” button. You will receive a PIN Code in a short time in order to give to guest and family members to connect with Google Device.

4. Google Home Failures – Reboot to Fix It:

You can resolve these technological glitch problems by Rebooting your device. This is the best way to fix those failures you are having. You need to Click on the “Home App” button, and Select “Device”, and Tap on the “Menu” option. You will see the “Reboot” option, enable it.

5. Make a Call an Uber:

As you know Uber is listed in the Home App as third-party service, have to try to call an Uber from Google Home device? well, it is quite possible to call an Uber via Home device.

For that, you need to open the “More Settings” option to find out the supported services that are listed. Then, tap on the “Services” button to connect to the Google Home device, follow the rest prompts.

These are some of the best Tips and Tricks of Google Home Device. You can try out these amazing and unique things. Google Home is the pretty awesome device, but it will be more interesting when you learn some tips and tricks about it. Please do give your opinion by commenting on the box below.

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