Google Drive Download | How to Use, Backup and Sync with Drive?

Google Drive is a complete solution for storing and saving our important data and files from our Device. Google is a lifeline for most of the Android device users, or windows phone or PC users. As they provide some of the best needy features for our daily lives. Earlier we got Email service, browsers, internet search engine with Google and now more new features have also been in use. And Google Drive Download is one of them, they give you a huge data storage platform for your device which you get a minimum of 15GB storage capacity and on switching to premium Monthly rental type then you can expand up to 1 terabyte. Check Google Drive Download process below.

With the whole lots of storage capacity, you can easily initiate backups for your PC or Laptops or even Android Phones. There are also apps for Android device which will help you to download and use Google Drive on your Android device. To store any backups using the Google Drive is very easy all you need is a Gmail ID.

Google Drive Download For Android Device:


Here below we have listed the complete tutorials for downloading the apps and also backing ups file from your device. But before the tutorials, we would like to talk about the features which you are getting using the Google Drives.

Features of Google Drive:

  • Free to use: Once they are enabled on your Android smartphone or logged into the Google Drive via PC then you can use the drive free for storing up to 15GB.
  • Store Up to 1 TB: If you are using the Smartphones then to store the data and file using the free storage is sufficient. You get up to 15 GB of storage capacity when you are using the free version. But if you are planning to store or use backups for all the PC files then you must expand your Google Drive Space. You can pay the monthly rentals and enjoy storing huge files without getting damage for a longer time.
  •  Includes Google elements: The storage under the free version includes the Gmail, Google Photo etc. which are the main elements of Google.
  • Accessible with any device: Once you have used the Google Drive, you can now access the Google Drive with any devices at anywhere. So in this manner, if you have stored your important documents using the Google drive then in case of urgency you can easily download the files.
  • Google Drive App: when you download the Google Drive Sync, you will also get the application like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

How to Store File or Data Using the Google Drive?

Storing the file or data using the Google Drive is very easy when you have the Google account (Gmail username and password).

Steps to Saving Data with Google Drive are:

  • To store file- Click here
  • Next, enter your Gmail Username and password
  • Now you will enter into the Google Drive
  • Simply select any file and start storing or saving file with Google Drive.

Note: you can also see the data or files which you have uploaded, simply click on the drive and check all the files. This files from Google drive are downloadable from any device. So you can get apps and download any files from your Google drive account.

Google Drive Download Steps for Android Device:

Using the Google Drive with Android phones is quite better as you will have to open and work on your app. They are free to download from play store. And the process to Google drive download is listed below.

  • To download the App- click here
  • Now you will enter into the Play store site.
  • Click on the Install button to download and install the file.
  • Finally, open the Google drive using your Gmail ID.

How to Backup & Sync Files with Google Drive?


When you are using the PC, it is recommended to sync and backup all the files. Just in case your device is been damaged or hacked, then all your data will be lost instantly. Well, with the help of Google Drive you can finally save them.

So let us now get into the tutorials to back up and Sync file with Google drive. 

Following Steps are:

  • Go to your Chrome browser and click here
  • Now in this page, Download Backup and Sync.
  • Next read the Terms of Service manually and click on Agree and download.
  • This will allow you to download the exe. file
  • Now you find a dialog box saying to allow the program to make changes on your computer, click on Yes button.
  • Finally, the installation is done, now you must restart your computer.

Start Backup and Sync:

  • Go to the Google Drive.
  • Sign in with your Gmail ID
  • Enter the Laptop and select the files to sync
  • Finally, click next to find the data on your Drive.


So these are the complete detail by which you can easily store file and save in Google Drive. There can be any problem with the computer and chances are there to lose your file and data anytime, when you feel it be vulnerable then you should immediately backups your files. And using the Google Drive will help you to store up to 15GB free and up to 1TB on premium. Hope you have secured the files by now, enjoy using the Google Drives. If need any help while processing of Google Drive Download then just do a comment below.

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