Google Chrome Hidden Features – All Secret Tricks and Tips!!

Love to browse? Then use Google Chrome it is one of the best and popular browser. Google Chrome is fast and easy to use and secure web browser. It is a freeware web browser developed by Google and was first released in September 2008, for Microsoft Windows and later it was ported to macOS, iOS, Linux, Android Jelly Bean, and Chrome OS. Google chrome is a type of web browser and mobile browser.63% worldwide usage share of web browsers as a desktop browser also has 54 % market share across the platforms combined, because it is one of the most popular browsers of Smartphone. Check Top 15 Google Chrome Hidden Features below.

Google chrome is best for browsing if you want to browse fast in an easy way then you can go for this browser.  It is totally a secure web browser.  Google personalize links to your favorite side, downloads and Google search. It browses fast and types less also sync Chrome across the device, also it will protect your phone with Google safe browsing. One of the interesting things of Google Chrome is that it has hidden features which will make your life easier to browse. The hidden features of chrome are given below for further information.

Top 12+ Google Chrome Hidden Features:


Use Google Chrome Hidden Features to make your life easier to browse. Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers one of the reasons for its popularity is its clean, polished UI and its versatility. Check it below the list of Google Chrome hidden features which you need to use for browsing.

1. Search Directly Into Sites Using the Omnibox:

By using this feature you can automatically search without going to those sites. Suppose for example if you want quick search Wikipedia than by typing “” you can search in the Omnibox after that you will see a prompt advising to press tab to search within the site, press that tap to see “search Wikipedia” written in blue on the left side of the Omnibox. There you can type your query and Chrome will search within Wikipedia. You can use the Omnibox to search directly.


2. Drag Multiple Tabs at Once:

Maximum people may not know that now it is possible to drag multiple tabs at once, by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on all the tabs you can move them as your wish as one. If you are using Mac then the only thing you have to do is that to hold the Command key.

3. Open Accidentally Closed Tabs:

Sometimes we mistakenly close a tab that creates problems but the hidden features of Chrome can make it possible to get it all back. To get it back just right click on another open tab and select “Reopen closed tab” either you can press control-Shift-T and Chrome will reopen any recently closed tabs.

4. Open a Search in New Tabs:

Many people occurs a problem in searching while searching for information they lose the site which becomes unable for them to go to that site. But through these hidden features of Chrome, you can look up information without losing the site. There is a key command: hold down the Alt button and hit return on your search and this will open in new tab. Mac users can press the Command button instead.

5. Browse Through Tabs Using Key Commands:

Want to read something quick on another tab then hold down the Control key and a number 1 through 9. Each number will be associated with different tab starting with 1 way to the left and move incrementally through 9 tabs to the right.

6. One Tap Mobile Search:

To search one tap in mobile you can right click to search on desktop. Highlight any word or phrase by long tap and Chrome will create a search for that by the help of pull-up menu, slide up once and see the prompt at the bottom of your screen.

7. A Simpler Way to Search Words or Phrase:

You can search a word or phrase to highlight by just clicking on right click and then prompt a pop-up option to conduct Google search. On a Mac press control-click on a highlighted word.

8. Drag a URL to the Bookmarks Bar:

Through this features, you can quickly add it to your bookmarks bar by highlighting URL and dragging directly down the bar. If you want to edit to change then that also you can do later.

9. Add a Link to the Desktop:

Chrome hidden features offer users to add a clickable link for the desktop to use later. To create just click the hamburger in the top right corner and then select on more tools, now you can add to desktop. This creates a clickable link on your desktop with an icon to represent the page.

10. Secret Pages in Chrome:

Chrome has a few dozen hidden pages that you can check on the browser. To check it you will have to type the “Chrome URL” into the Omnibox. Most of these pages are hidden because it is not much in needs to use. They are just under the hood information for coders and developers.

11. PDF Viewer and Picture Viewer:

These features will help you to simply drag in any pdf or picture file to Google Chrome browser. Google is one the trusted browser which also works like as a pdf viewer and picture viewer.

12. Pin Tab:

Google Chrome also has features to pin your tab. Select pin tab to use in Google Chrome it is one of the most useful features.

13. Keep Google:

You can save ideas in google chrome with one click by opening websites on your computer. Do list of your ideas by writing it down.

14. Ok Google:

This is one of the features where you can search anything by your voice. If you want to make any search on google, simply speak the words and get the search result instantly.

15. Chrome Remote Desktop:

This feature will help you to control your Window or Mac PC from Remote Desktop.



The above 10+ Google Chrome hidden features Offered by Chrome browser which you must use on your phone or PC. Use it to browse fast and also to secure.

Google Chrome can say as one of the popular web browsings. If you want to browse fast and in an easy way, then above given 10+ hidden features will help you. It will help you to search directly into sites by using Omnibox, also by dragging multiple tabs at once, adding a link to your desktop etc.

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