*How to* Make Google My Homepage in Chrome Browser on Windows & Mac OS

How to Make Google My Homepage in Chrome: Google chrome is one of the most popular web browser for internet users. It not only gives accurate results but also makes user search easy and faster as well. From the last few years, Chrome browser is getting good publicity from the users. Because of flexible and faster communication system, most countries in the world are now using Google chrome browser. So learn how to make google my homepage in chrome browser in this detailed guide.

Because of the reason that Google chrome is most preferred by the internet users, therefore it is available for multiple devices. These devices include laptop, PC, Mac, Windows & Chrome OS etc. However in this article you are going to know how to make google my homepage in chrome. So keep reading this guide and follow all the steps to try on any device.

How Do I Make Google My Homepage in Chrome Browser?


Google offers many services to the internet users for completing their various tasks. You can open task manager in Google chrome through pressing Shift+Escape button. You will see many websites showing in task manager bar. Task manager will show you how much memory a websites consumes. So with this flexible taskbar, you will be able to manage your work easily.

By Pressing Ctrl+H, you can see the browsing history. Type for any term to see search in history search bar. Once you find the result in searches, Google then displays a small thumbnail on result in history and without using any kind of extension.


It will be easier for the users to search the website using search bar in the site. This lets Google chrome to recognize your search and the next time when you search for that particular phrase, Google chrome automatically shows the result in address bar. By Pressing Ctrl+T, you can open the recently closed tab in chrome browser. If you wish, you can launch the sites from start menu as well.

With Google Chrome, you can know the list of tabs occupying maximum memory on your device. Using Chrome browser, you can do a lot of interesting and cool stuff along with searching. Like you will be able to know about unknown person by uploading his/her photo in Google Images.

Features of Google Chrome Browser

Some of the amazing and cool features of chrome browser are mentioned below:

  • Chrome browser works really fast, it opens webpages quicker and runs web apps at faster speed.
  • The Chrome is designed in such a way that users gets protection from malware and features are updated automatically.
  • No need to worry about privacy because Chrome protects all private searches of the user.
  • By going to settings, users can change/customize the browser. They can add extension or themes in browser.
  • The design is user friendly and gives better experience while browsing web.

Know How to Make Google My Homepage in Chrome?

Going in chrome settings, you can customize and make google your homepage. You can even customize chrome with setting startup page. Startup page is the page that loads when you first open the browser on your device. Homepage is referred to that page as well that loads when you click on home option.

By follow the steps given below, you can select your homepage:

First open Chrome browser on your PC/Computer.

  1. At the top right corner of screen, click on three dots and then settings option.
  2. You will be then on settings page of Google chrome browser.
  3. Next you will need to set home page by going in appearance option.
  4. That’s it you have successfully change the homepage in chrome.

You can also set your Startup page by going to the following options available in the Settings:

  • Have a new tab open
  • Continue where you left off
  • Open a particular set of pages

So this is the detailed guide about how to make google chrome my homepage in chrome browser. Follow the guidelines mentioned above and if you have any query post in the comments.

How Do I Get News on My Google Homepage in Chrome, Safari & Mozilla?

Make Google My Home Page:  Google is one of the very well known search engine worldwide. Another cool product by Google is Google Chrome which is popular browser in the world. Millions of people on daily basis search for their favorite topics or keywords on this popular search engine. In this article, today we are going to talk about how to get news on your Google Homepage. So that you will be able to get updates from Google chrome homepage directly.

Before getting news on Google homepage, first you need to know about Google chrome and its awesome features. If you want to find out how do i get news on my google homepage in chrome and mozilla firefox, then keep reading this guide.Check steps on how do I Get News on My Google Homepage in Chrome, Safari & Mozilla? below.

Google Chrome is most popular and free web browser which is not only simple but comes with user friendly interface. It has faster speed and better security features which are built for modern web to protect online users. If you don’t have Google chrome installed on your device, then you download for exploring its awesome features.

Features of Google Chrome Web Browser – Everything you Need to know

The amazing and interesting features of Google chrome web browser are given below. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Speed

Chrome is designed in such a way that it loads webpages faster and makes web applications run quickly. Within two clicks, this browser launches within few seconds. In terms of Search and navigating, Chrome browser is fast.

  • Simplicity

Google Chrome Web Browser or window is clean and simple. You can easily navigate and search for your favorite stuff online. Built-in Pdf viewer allows users to read online documents easily. So due to user friendly interface, it is easier for users to manage tabs efficiently.

  • Privacy

This browser offers better privacy to protect users private information which he/she is sharing online.

  • Security

Not only it helps in keeping web secure but also protects users from phishing and malware. This browser is updated automatically to have all latest security fixes.

  • Signing in

One of the most important feature of Google chrome is signing in. It brings settings, bookmarks and history to you. Once you are signed into your account, you will get automatically signed with all other Google services.

  • Customization

Tons of methods are available that lets users to customize the chrome browser. You can change settings according to your desire, add extensions, apps, themes etc.

  • Extensions

More than 20000 extensions are available in extension gallery. Chrome extensions can really make user’s work easier. So go to Google web store and find your favorite extensions.

How Do I Get News on My Google Homepage?

It is simple and easier to get google news on google homepage. If you don’t know how to get news on your google homepage, follow the steps shared below:

  • Open Google chrome and go to chrome settings.


  • Next you will find several options in chrome settings, head over to on startup option and there you can select a specific page or set of pages.


  • After entering your desired news websites, click on Ok button.


  • That’s it you are done. Now you can get the news on your Google homepage directly.

So this is complete guide about how to get the news on your Google Homepage easily by following these simple steps. From homepage, you can keep updated with latest news. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on your computer and install chrome extension to get news from Google Homepage. If you have any query regard this guide, post in the comments.

Make Google My Homepage in Any Browser* (Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer) ?

How to Make Google My Homepage in Any Browser: One of the best discoveries in the human evolution is the internet. Internet has made every impossible thing into possible. It has changes lives of many people in the past and continuing the same thing in the present. Internet is the digital phenomenon which has been supportive & transition to worldwide human beings. Know how you can make Google my homepage in Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and safari browser in this guide below.

Just like the Internet, Google is another best discovery. Since its existence it has taken the world. Almost on every device or browser, Google is one of the popular and most preferred search engine. Because of portability and user friendly interface, people love to use Google search engine. Google offers various categories to internet users such as web, images, news, videos and more category. The more category is sub categorised into books, flights and maps. Google has created these categories for the comfort of internet users.

How to Make Google My Homepage in Mozilla, Safari & Internet Explorer?


Even being the most popular search engine worldwide, Google is not found as default search engine in all the browsers. What can be the reason? Well Google is not only the search engine as there are many search engines in the world available. Most of them are standing toe to toe with Google such as Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. Due to lack of popularity and usage, these search engines deal with browsers like Mozilla, Internet explorer and Safari to get user to their search engine.

The above mentioned browsers makes other search engine as their default homepage. But according to your choice, you can change the default homepage. And if you want to make Google your homepage, then follow the guide given below.

Mozilla Firefox

To set Google as your homepage in Mozilla Firefox. Follow these steps mentioned below:

  • First open Mozilla Firefox browser. On the top right corner, Click on Tools icon.
  • You will then see a menu, select internet options.
  • Then from general tab, you will find search option, then click on settings.
  • Now choose Google as your main search engine.
  • Then click on set as default option to make google default homepage.
  • It’s time to close window, restart browse and enjoying better internet experience on Google.


  • First of all open Safari Web Browser on your Apple device.
  • Then you will need to type www.google.com in homepage field of Safari browser.
  • Next choose set to current page for making use of that webpage.
  • Open some more windows and a pop up menu will appear, choose homepage option.
  • Close the browser and restart it. After that you will be able to browser the internet via Google search engine.

Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer on your Computer/PC. You will see default search engine in IE Window.
  • On top right corner, click on tools button and a menu will show on screen.
  • From the menu, select internet options. You will see some more options showing.
  • Now in General section, type in your favorite search engine website. Here we are making google default search engine, so we need to add http://www.google.com and chose internet option to Make Google My Homepage of the Internet Explorer.
  • In Internet Explorer, now you will be able to browser online through Google search engine easily.

So this is detailed guide about how to make google my homepage in Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browser. Now you can use your favourite browser with Google as default homepage and browser your favorite stuff online.